Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Master List of First Origins

First Origins of Characters and Groups

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origin Absorbing Man
origin Adam Strange
origin Airboy
origin Angel (golden age)
origin Animal Man
origin Ant Man
origin Ant Man II
origin Aqualad
origin Aquaman
origin Atom (golden age)
origin Atom (silver age)
origin Atomic Knights
origin Avenger
origin Avengers
origin Aztec Ace

origin Batgirl (golden age)
origin Batgirl (silver age)
origin Batman
origin Black Condor
origin Black Goliath
origin Black Orchid
origin Black Terror
origin Blackhawk
origin Bloodstone
origin Booster Gold
origin Brother Power
origin Brother Voodoo
origin Bucky
origin Bulletman
origin Bullseye
origin Bwana Beast

origin Captain America
origin Captain Atom
origin Captain Boomerang
origin Captain Cold
origin Captain Comet
origin Captain Fear
origin Captain Marvel (golden age)
origin Captain Marvel (silver age)
origin Captain Marvel, Jr.
origin Captain 3-D
origin Captain Triumph
origin Cat (bronze age)
origin Challengers of the Unknown
origin Champions (bronze age)
origin Cinnamon
origin Claw
origin Cloak and Dagger
origin Chlorophyll Kid
origin Comet (golden age)
origin Creeper
origin Cyclone

origin Dan Brand
origin Daredevil (silver age)
origin Deadman
origin Deathlok
origin Defenders (bronze age)
origin Demon
origin Destructor
origin Doc Samson
origin Doctor Fate
origin Doctor Mid-nite
origin Doctor Octopus
origin Doctor Phosphorus
origin Doctor Solar
origin Dollman
origin Doom Patrol
origin Durango Kid

origin E-Man
origin Eclipso
origin El Diablo
origin Elasti-Girl
origin Electro
origin Elongated Man
origin Enchantress (silver age DC)
origin 1st Erg-1
origin Eternals

origin Falcon
origin Fantastic Four
origin Fighting American
origin Fire Lad
origin Firehair (bronze age)
origin Firestorm
origin Flash (golden age)
origin Flash (silver age)
origin Fly
origin Frankenstein (brozne age)

origin Ghost Rider (bronze age)
origin Golden Arrow
origin Gorgo
origin Green Lantern (golden age)
origin Green Lantern (silver age)
origin Guardians of the Galaxy

origin Hawk and the Dove
origin Hawkeye
origin Hawkman (golden age)
origin Hawkman (silver age)
origin Hawkgirl (silver age)
origin Hulk
origin Human Top (golden age)
origin Human Torch (golden age)
origin Human Torch (silver age)
origin Huntress

origin Ibis the Invincible
origin Ikaris
origin Inferior Five
origin Invisible Girl
origin Iron Fist
origin Iron Man

origin Johnny Quick
origin Johnny Thunder
origin Jonah Hex
origin Justice League of America

origin Ka-Zar (silver age)
origin Karma
origin Kid Eternity
origin Kid Flash
origin Kid Patrol
origin Kobra
origin Konga

origin Legion of Substitute Heroes
origin Lizard
origin Lobo (silver age)
origin Luke Cage (later Power Man)

origin Machine Man
origin Magnus Robot Fighter
origin Man-Bat
origin Man-Thing
origin Man-wolf
origin M.A.R.S. Patrol
origin Martian Manhunter
origin Metal Men
origin Metamorpho
origin Micronauts
origin Mirror Master
origin Miss America
origin Mr. Fantastic
origin Mr. Liberty
origin Mr. Machine
origin Mr. Terrific
origin Moleman
origin Ms. Marvel

origin Negative Man
origin New Mutants
origin New X-men
origin Night Girl
origin Nightmaster
origin Nova
origin Nukla

origin Omac

origin Patchwork Man
origin Plastic Man
origin Polar Boy
origin Power Man
origin Private Strong
origin Professor X


origin Ragman
origin Ray
origin Red Raven
origin Red Tornado (silver age)
origin Red Wolf
origin Richard Dragon
origin Robin
origin Robotman (silver age)
origin Ronin

origin Sandman (silver age)
origin Sandman (copper age)
origin Sargon the Sorcerer
origin Sauron
origin Scorpio Rose
origin Sea Devils
origin Secret Six
origin Shade
origin Shadow-Thief
origin Shanna the She-Devil
origin She-Hulk
origin Shield (golden age)
origin Shining Knight
origin Silver Surfer
origin Speedboy
origin Spider-man
origin Spider-woman
origin Spy Smasher
origin Spyman
origin Stalker
origin Star-Lord
origin Steel
origin Stone Boy
origin Sub-mariner
origin Sunfire
origin Supergirl
origin Superman
origin Swamp Thing 1st
origin Swamp Thing 2nd

origin Teen Titans
origin Thing
origin Thor
origin 3-D Man
origin Thunda
origin Tiger Shark
origin Tigra
origin Toro
origin Two-Face

origin Ultra Boy
origin Undersea Agent

origin Vampirella
origin Venom
origin Vigilante (golden age)

origin Warlord
origin Warp
origin Wasp
origin Watcher
origin Werewolf by Night
origin Whizzer 1st Jack Frost Defender Rockman Young Avenger
origin Wildcat
origin Wildfire
origin Wonder Boy
origin Wonder Man
origin Wonder Woman
origin Woodgod

origin X-51 (later Mr. Machine, Machine Man)
origin X-men



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