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Master List of First Appearances

First Appearances of Comic Book Characters and Groups

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1st Abigail Arcane
1st Abra Kadabra
1st Absorbing Man
1st Action Boy
1st Adam Strange
1st Air Wave
1st Airboy
1st Alien Legion
1st Alpha Flight
1st American Flagg
1st Andar
1st Angel (golden age)
1st Angel (silver age)
1st Angel and the Ape
1st Animal Man
1st Ant Man
1st Ant Man II
1st Anthro
1st Aqualad
1st Aquaman
1st Arcade
1st Archie Andrews
1st Asbestos Man
1st Atlas
1st Atom (golden age)
1st Atom (silver age)
1st Atomic Knights
1st Auron
1st Aurora
1st Avenger
1st Avengers
1st Awkwardman
1st Aztec Ace

1st Bane
1st Banshee
1st Baron Mordo
1st Bat-mite
1st Bat Lash
1st Batgirl (golden age)
1st Batgirl (silver age)
1st Batman
1st Batroc
1st Beowulf
1st Beta Ray Bill
1st Betty Cooper
1st Big Bear
1st Bishop
1st Beast
1st Beast Boy (later Changeling)
1st Beautiful Dreamer
1st Black Bolt
1st Black Canary
1st Black Cat
1st Black Condor
1st Black Goliath
1st Black Orchid
1st Black Panther
1st Black Terror
1st Black Widow
1st Blackhawk
1st Blade
1st Blimp
1st Blob
1st Bloodstone
1st Blue Devil
1st Blok
1st Boomerang
1st Booster Gold
1st Bouncing Boy
1st Boy Commandos
1st Brainiac
1st Brainiac 5
1st Broot
1st Brother Power
1st Brother Voodoo
1st Brotherhood of Evil Mutants
1st Blue Beetle (golden age)
1st Bucky
1st Bulletman
1st Bullseye
1st Bwana Beast

1st Cable
1st Calculator
1st Cannonball
1st Canteen Kate
1st Captain Action
1st Captain America
1st Captain Cold
1st Captain Comet
1st Captain Fear
1st Captain Atom
1st Captain Marvel (golden age)
1st Captain Marvel (silver age)
1st Captain Marvel, Jr.
1st Captain Science
1st Captain 3-D
1st Captain Triumph
1st Captain Universe
1st Carnage
1st Carrion
1st Cat (golden age, later Catwoman)
1st Cat (bronze age)
1st Catwoman
1st Cave Carson
1st Chameleon
1st Chameleon Boy
1st Challengers of the Unknown
1st Champions (bronze age)
1st Changeling
1st Charlie-27
1st Cheetah
1st Cinnamon
1st Claw
1st Clayface (golden age)
1st Clayface (silver age)
1st Cloak and Dagger
1st Chlorophyll Kid
1st Cobra
1st Colleen Wing
1st Color Kid
1st Colossal Boy
1st Colossus
1st Comedian
1st Comet (golden age)
1st Comet Pierce
1st Conan the Barbarian
1st Copperhead
1st Cosmic Boy
1st Coyote
1st Creeper
1st Crimson Avenger
1st Crimson Dynamo
1st Crystal
1st Cyborg
1st Cyclone
1st Cyclops

1st Dan Brand
1st Daredevil (silver age)
1st Dawnstar
1st Dazzler
1st Deadman
1st Deadpool
1st Deadshot
1st Deathlok
1st Deathstroke the Terminator
1st Defender
1st Defenders
1st Demon
1st Demonia
1st Destructor
1st Devil Dinosaur
1st Diablo
1st Dingbats of Danger Street
1st Doc Samson
1st Doctor Doom
1st Doctor Fate
1st Dr. Manhattan
1st Doctor Mid-nite
1st Doctor Octopus
1st Doctor Phosphorus
1st Doctor Solar
1st Doctor Strange
1st Dollman
1st Dolphin
1st Domino
1st Doom Patrol
1st Dracula (bronze age)
1st Drax the Destroyer
1st Dumb Bunny
1st Durango Kid
1st Dynamo

1st E-Man
1st Eclipso
1st El Diablo
1st Elasti-Girl
1st Electro
1st Elektra
1st Elongated Man
1st Elric
1st Emma Frost
1st Enchantress (silver age DC)
1st Erg-1
1st Eros
1st Eternals

1st Fafhrd the Barbarian
1st Falcon
1st Fantastic Four
1st Fast Willie Jackson
1st Fighting American
1st Fire Lad
1st Firehair (bronze age)
1st Firelord
1st Firestorm
1st Flash (golden age)
1st Flash (silver age)
1st Fly
1st Forever People
1st Forge
1st Frankenstein (bronze age)
1st Frightful Four

1st Galactus
1st Gambit
1st Gamora
1st Ghost Rider (bronze age)
1st Gideon
1st Golden Arrow
1st Golden Gladiator
1st Gorgo
1st Gorgon
1st Green Arrow
1st Green Goblin
1st Green Lantern (golden age)
1st Green Lantern (silver age)
1st Grey Mouser
1st Guardian (golden age)
1st Guardian (bronze age)
1st Guardians of the Galaxy
1st Gunmaster

1st H. R. Puffinstuff
1st Harlem Globetrotters
1st Harpis
1st Havok
1st Hawk and the Dove
1st Hawkeye
1st Hawkman (golden age)
1st Hawkman (silver age)
1st Hawkgirl (silver age)
1st Herbie
1st Hercules (silver age)
1st Hercules (bronze age)
1st Highfather
1st Him (later Warlock)
1st Hobgoblin
1st Hourman
1st Howard the Duck
1st Hulk
1st Human Bomb
1st Human Cobra (later Cobra)
1st Human Fly II
1st Human Top (golden age)
1st Human Top (silver age)
1st Human Torch (golden age)
1st Human Torch (silver age)
1st Huntress

1st Ibis the Invincible
1st Iceman
1st Ikaris
1st Inferior Five
1st Inhumans
1st Invisible Girl
1st Invisible Kid (silver age)
1st Iron Fist
1st Iron Maiden
1st Iron Man
1st Ironjaw
1st Isis

1st Jack Frost
1st Johnny Quick
1st Johnny Thunder
1st John Constantine, Hellblazer
1st Joker
1st Jonah Hex
1st Juggernaut
1st Justice League of America
1st Justice Society of America

1st Kamandi
1st Kalista
1st Karma
1st Karnak
1st Ka-Zar (silver age)
1st Kid Eternity
1st Kid Flash
1st Kid Patrol
1st Killraven
1st Kingpin
1st Kitty Pryde
1st Kobra
1st Kong
1st Konga
1st Korg
1st Kull

1st League of Super-Assassins
1st Legion of Monsters
1st Legion of Substitute Heroes
1st Legion of Super-heroes
1st Lightning Boy (later Lightning Lad)
1st Lightning Lad
1st Lightray
1st Living Mummy
1st Lizard
1st Lobo (silver age)
1st Lobo (copper age)
1st Lois Lane
1st Loki
1st Luke Cage (later Power Man)

1st Machine Man
1st Madam Fatal
1st Magar the Mystic
1st Magica De Spell
1st Magneto
1st Magnus Robot Fighter
1st Major Vance Astro
1st Man-Bat
1st Man-Gods
1st Man-Thing
1st Man-wolf
1st Mandarin
1st Manhunter (bronze age)
1st Marinna
1st Mark Moonrider
1st M.A.R.S. Patrol
1st Martian Manhunter
1st Martinex
1st Marvel Girl
1st Master of Kung Fu
1st Mastermind
1st Matt Slade
1st Medusa
1st Menthor
1st Mercury
1st Merryman
1st Metal Men
1st Metallo
1st Metamorpho
1st Metron
1st Micronauts
1st Mimic
1st Mirage
1st Mirror Master
1st Miss America
1st Mr. Fantastic
1st Mr. Liberty
1st Mr. Machine (later Machine Man)
1st Mr. Miracle
1st Mr. Terrific
1st Moleman
1st Mon=El
1st Moon Knight
1st Morbius
1st Ms. Marvel
1st Mouthpiece
1st Mystique

1st Namora
1st Namorita
1st Negative Man
1st New Gods
1st New Mutants
1st New Teen Titans
1st New X-men
1st Newsboy Legion
1st Night Girl
1st Nightcrawler
1st Nighthawk
1st Nightmaster
1st Nimbus
1st Nite Owl
1st Nitro
1st Noman
1st Northstar
1st Nova
1st Nukla

1st Oberon
1st Omac
1st Omega Men
1st Omega the Unknown
1st Orion
1st Outlaw
1st Ozymandias

1st Paladin
1st Parasite
1st Patchwork Man
1st Penguin
1st Phantom Girl
1st Phantom Lady
1st Phantom Stranger
1st Phoenix
1st Plastic Man
1st Poison Ivy
1st Polar Boy
1st Polaris
1st Power Girl
1st Power Man
1st Primus
1st Private Strong
1st Professor X
1st Puck
1st Punisher

1st Question
1st Quicksilver

1st Ra's Al Ghul
1st Ragman
1st Raven
1st Ray
1st Red Ghost
1st Red Raven
1st Red Skull
1st Red Sonja
1st Red Torpedo
1st Red Tornado (golden age)
1st Red Tornado (silver age)
1st Red Wolf
1st Rex Dexter of Mars
1st Rex the Wonder Dog
1st Richard Dragon
1st Rima
1st Rip Hunter Time Master
1st Robin
1st Robin of Earth II
1st Robotman (silver age)
1st Rockman
1st Rogue
1st Rom
1st Ronin
1st Rorschach

1st Sabre-Tooth
1st Sandman (golden age)
1st Sandman (silver age)
1st Sandman (bronze age)
1st Sandman (copper age)
1st Sargon the Sorcerer
1st Sasquatch
1st Saturn Girl
1st Sauron
1st Scalphunter
1st Scarecrow (bronze age)
1st Scarlet Witch
1st Scorpio Rose
1st Sea Devils
1st Secret Six
1st Serifan
1st Shade
1st Shadow-Thief
1st Shaman
1st Shanna the She-Devil
1st Shark
1st She-Hulk
1st Shield (golden age)
1st Shining Knight
1st Shrinking Violet
1st Silent Knight
1st Silk Spectre
1st Silver Surfer
1st Sinestro
1st Snowbird
1st Son of Satan
1st Son of Sinbad
1st Space Detective
1st Spectre
1st Speedball
1st Speedboy
1st Speedy
1st Spider-man
1st Spider-woman
1st Sprite
1st Spy Smasher
1st Spyman
1st Squadron Sinister
1st Stalker
1st Star Hunters
1st Star-Lord
1st Star-Spangled Kid
1st Starfire (II)
1st Starfox
1st Starjammers
1st Starman
1st Stranger
1st Steel
1st Stingray
1st Stone Boy
1st Storm
1st Stranger
1st Stripesy
1st Sub-mariner
1st Sun Boy
1st Sunfire
1st Sunspot
1st Superboy
1st Supergirl
1st Superman
1st Swamp Thing
1st Swordsman

1st Tarantula
1st Teen Titans
1st Thanos
1st Thing
1st Thongor
1st Thor
1st 3-D Man
1st Thunda
1st Thunder Agents
1st Thunder Squad
1st Thunderbird
1st Tiger Shark
1st Tigorr
1st Tigra
1st Titanium Man
1st Toad
1st Tor
1st Toro
1st Triplicate Girl
1st Triton
1st Turok
1st Turtle
1st Two-Face
1st Tyroc

1st Ultra Boy
1st Un-men
1st Uncle Sam
1st Uncle Scrooge
1st Undersea Agent
1st Union Jack
1st Unknown Soldier
1st Unus the Untouchable

1st Vampirella
1st Vanisher
1st Venom
1st Venus
1st Vigilante (golden age)
1st Viking Commando
1st Viking Prince
1st Vindicator (later Guardian)
1st Vision (golden age)
1st Vision (silver age)
1st Vixen
1st Vulture
1st Vykin the Black

1st Warlock
1st Warlord
1st Warp
1st Wasp
1st Watcher
1st Watchmen
1st Weapon Alpha (later Vindicator)
1st Weather Wizard
1st Werewolf by Night
1st White Feather
1st Whizzer
1st Wildcat
1st Wildfire
1st Wolfsbane
1st Wonder Boy
1st Wonder Man (silver age)
1st Wonder Woman
1st Wolverine
1st Woodgod

1st X-51 (later Mr. Machine, Machine Man)
1st X-men

1st Yellowjacket
1st Yondu
1st Young Avenger

1st Zanzibar the Magician
1st Zatanna
1st Zatara

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